When Funzalo asked me to write a short 'bio' for my new album my initial reaction was one
of abject befuddlement. How exactly does one go about writing about one's self without
coming off as a self-aggrandizing twit? Once I was assured that it would be reviewed for
'twittyness' and self indulgence, and revised by saner minds, I became more comfortable with
the idea. And this is what came of it.

All of the songs on “Carry Your Own Water” (except for “This Girl's Got Murder on Her
Mind”) were recorded, along with approximately 20 other songs, in my home studio during an
18 month period starting in early 2010. Thirteen of the songs were included on my first
Funzalo release “Lemme Outa Here”. Again risking any semblance of humility, I played all the
instruments and did all the vocals myself. This was a decision born out of a combination of
pragmatism and a sense of self reliance. Basically it was just easier to do everything myself,
and I just didn't trust anyone else to interpret the parts the way I heard them. The lone
exception to this is the aforementioned “This Girl's Got Murder on Her Mind”. It was
recorded at my friend Bob McCarrol's studio as a late substitution for a song I'd decided
didn't fit the new album. All the mixing was done on my humble software.

As for the songs themselves, I very, very rarely write from personal experience. It's not that
my life is uneventful. I just find it difficult to relate the events in a context that doesn't
come off as metaphorically cumbersome. So instead, I work from the viewpoint of an observer
… Inspiration comes more readily from books (thank you Elmore Leonard), television and
movies (pop culture rules), snippets of overhead conversations (barroom intellectuals), and
observational reconnaissance (the deaf couple on the beach watching the fireworks display). In
the end this may smack of cultural copyright infringement. But as a great man may possibly
have once said, “You take your inspiration where you can get it, stick it in your pocket, and
take it to your grave”.
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